Join Infinite Summer

Infinite Summer YYC is open to ANYONE interested in reading (or re-reading, or trying to read for the nth time) Infinite Jest over the summer of 2014. You don’t have to live in Calgary & you don’t have to sign a blood oath that you will keep to the schedule.

You DO have to be aware that Infinite Jest is not an ‘easy’ read – but what does that mean? The language is mostly very accessible (DFW had a knack for vernacular and slang) but the subject matter can be (in parts) avidly academic or unsettlingly grotesque.  Most people I have talked to who keep picking up and putting down IJ have challenges with the lack of linear narrative.  I am here to help get you through that!

Ready to get started? If you want to join the club, email me at and I will add you to the community board so you can post comments in the threads.

You can buy the book from in Canada or in the US or naturally, at any of your fine local bookstores. The reading schedule has been developed for both hard copy and Kindle versions. There is an audio book version, but I do not recommend it, as it does not have any of the many, many endnotes, which are INTEGRAL to the book.

Speaking of endnotes, you will want to have two bookmarks at the ready.